Strange Bird (birdofparadox) wrote in prochoice_ms,
Strange Bird

sb 2922 update

Please add prochoicems to your friends list, because I'm going to stop crossposting these sort of updates soon.

We've been calling offices left and right, as well as chasing after Mississippi legislators in their natural habitat.  Several of us have met with or spoken to Holland over the phone, and he has absolutely no intentions of meeting with the conference over this issue again.  He also said the deadline for the ban is Friday when everyone leaves, that he absolutely will not sign anything that is not the conference report that he put forth. 

From Felicia Brown, Planned Parenthood's statewide Grassroots Coordinator:

I just spoke with Representative Moak, who told me that the House has
absolutely no plans to meet in conference with the Senate on the abortion
ban.  According to Moak, the House conferees have done everything they are
going to do.  With both Moak and Holland stating that they will not
participate further in the conference, the bill is dead, provided that the
Senators do not decide to sign on to the House's conference report.

 Please keep your calls, faxes and visits steadily pouring into the Senate and House conferees' offices to remind our representatives we're still keeping watch and holding them accountable for women's lives and health.

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