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Help Needed

Right now, there's a dearth of information regarding emergency contraception access in Mississippi. Princeton's most excellent Emergency Contraception Website only lists four providers who will prescribe emergency contraception. Many pharmacies carry it, and will dispense it freely, but the lack of concrete information is severely detrimental to Mississippians.

ProChoiceMississippi.Org's goal this summer is to create an online database of

--pharmacies who stock e.c. (and the pharmacists there who'll fill prescriptions
--physicians who will prescribe e.c.

The effort behind volunteering for this project is minimal, and will be broken up into small chunks (ten phone numbers, etc.) You don't even need to be in Mississippi, since so many of us have access to free nationwide long distance.

What I'm asking

--You call ten pharmacies in your area (or we'll throw together 10 numbers for you to call) and ask
---- If they stock e.c.
---- Which pharmacists there will dispense it
---- Note details (exact address, phone number with area code)
I'd prefer if you focused on pharmacies that AREN'T Target and WalMart, as the MS ACLU is compiling data about those two chains in particular.

-- Call your doctor's office (and your OB/GYN, if you have one) and ask
---- If they will prescribe e.c.
---- (if they are a group practice) if there are other physicans who will also prescribe it
---- Note details (exact address, phone number with area code)
If you're out of state, I can provide phone numbers of OB/GYNs for you to call as well as pharmacies.

Please email if interested.

Together, we can help each other have access to speedy, compassionate care in the worst of situations.
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