Strange Bird (birdofparadox) wrote in prochoice_ms,
Strange Bird

SB 2391 on Barbour's Desk

From Planned Parenthood VP of Public Affairs, Felicia Brown Williams:

According to the MS Legislative website, SB 2391 has been signed by all appropriate legislative parties, and has been sent to Governor Barbour. Barbour has five days to sign the bill, though he may choose to expedite the process.

Please call Governor Barbour's office and leave a message with his staff asking him to veto this legislation.

You can reach his office TOLL FREE at 1-877-405-0733.

You don't have to say much. In fact one sentence will do. I suggest saying something as simple as:

"As a Mississippi voter, I urge the governor to stand up for women's health and safety and to VETO the abortion ban and restrictions."

Feel free to post about your call here, and pass this information on to supporters.
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