Strange Bird (birdofparadox) wrote in prochoice_ms,
Strange Bird

Support Planned Parenthood, Buy Something Pretty!

Hi there.

I'm Deirdra, and I run the website I also make wirework jewelry on the side, and have begun to donate a portion of my proceeds from each commission to the causes I care about.

This month, I'll be donating $5 from each sale to Planned Parenthood of Alabama (they also run the PP office in Hattiesburg, as well as some outreach services in Pensacola, FL.) In addition to providing vital health and medical services and consultation, Planned Parenthood works their ass off to introduce state and federal legislation that champions comprehensive sex education, medically accurate information regarding contraception and disease prevention, and access to contraception. They also have an amazing and informative education and outreach program that frankly discusses reproductive health, contraception and sexuality. Planned Parenthood is on the forefront of the battle to keep abortions safe and legal, as well.

If you haven't done so, I'd also like to encourage you to sign up for their Action Network, that'll keep you informed on state and national issues.
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