Murdercitygrrrl (murdercitygrrrl) wrote in prochoice_ms,

MS folks, we need your help

From staff at Planned Parenthood:

I've been busting my tail to get 750 signatures on a petition to urge Thad Cochran to support a fix for the national birth control pricing crunch hitting college students and low-income women. Pill prices have gone up from $5 to $50 in some cases, HERE in Mississippi. I've been in touch with all of the major universities in both MS and AL, and its killing everyone. Some schools have stopped carrying birth control altogether.

We've got 683 signatures at this point, so we only need 67 more to reach our goal. [UPDATE, We now have 706, so we just need 44 more!]

If you are a Mississippi resident, pretty, pretty, pretty please sign this petition asking Thad Cochran to help fix this problem. (If you have already signed it, I love you and I thank you 1000 times.)

4 million women around the nation are affected by this issue and need your help!
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